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The Basics

One of the first thing anyone must do is contact a civil Engineer (surveyor). This Engineer will define your property boundaries, existing structures, and help you determine where and what size home is recommended, how many bedrooms allowed on your size of lot etc..  They basically give you a map which we can then use to design your home and price out roughly what it will cost. We can help you design your home with our 3D software.  Once you have approved a plan you like. All American Modular Requires a $500 fee  for the state prints. At this time we would be getting prices  from our sub- contractors while we wait for the print from the third party state inspectors (usually about 1 week). After we have the State approved prints, along with The Certified plot plan (your map), a foundation plan is required and all the sub contractor info. We then turn in the building permit to your town (any fees are the responsibility of the home owner).  

The big day... you get your permit. We then require a deposit to order your home. This protects you from the loss of a non refundable production deposit.  Within a few days we will know when your house  will arrive and when it will be placed on the foundation... usually about four to six weeks. This is typically enough time to get the foundation installed and prepare the lot for delivery.  Once the home is set, you can plan on six weeks to twelve weeks for project completion.